Absinthe: Overview

A brief overview of our project.

154620“Never stop chasing your dreams.”

Creatively communicating this message by the use of black and white cinematography, inspired by the photographic work of Brassaï, and presented in a way as never seen before.

Our project is the one to tell this story because the audience will be familiar with the main characters and will be inspired by their messages. They will also recognize in the cinematography the influence of Brassaï, known as “The Eye of Paris”.

hrough this lens, there is an opportunity to reach a global market and touch the hearts and minds of the international audience.



​​A lonely American businessman is given a message from an soulful vagabond prompting him to travel to a seedy bar in the back alleys of Paris. There he is enticed to drink the enigmatic beverage known as Absinthe.